Jackie Penner

Jackie Penner

E-mail: jpenner@columbiaenergyllc.com

Western life in its variety holds a special fascination for Jackie Penner. Her paintings reflect the strength of her feelings for the horses, wildlife, people and landscape of the true west.

Penner is a self-taught oil painter and draws her inspirations from the wonderful wildlife and domestic animals that she lives around. Living on a farm for 44 years with her husband has given her the opportunity to raise two children and live the life she loves, which has inspired many paintings through the years.

Penner’s love of horses is reflected on many of her canvases. Her husband's family raised and worked with Belgian horses, giving her ready-made subjects that she couldn’t resist transferring to canvas.

Throughout the years, she has taken the opportunity to strengthen her talent, by taking workshops with master artists such as Robert Thomas, Robert Walton, Terry Isaac, Daniel Smith, Paco Young, John Banovich and John Seerey- Lester.

 She is a current  Emeritus member of Women Artists of the West, where she has had the past honors of serving as Ad Director and President.

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